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Songwriting Idiots

A songwriting podcast. Join two rookie songwriters conquering a new genre every month. And yes: It will get ugly … Take a listen!

The Songwriting idiots podcast

what are we about?

The Podcasters behind Songwriting Idiots are Dan and Ralf. We’ve been playing in bands for over a decade now and yes … we have written a song or two during that time. We sure are many things (beer lovers, guitar shredders, fans of German folk-pop) but one thing we are most certainly not: Experienced songwriters.

So we’ve decided to change that and challenge each other to write a new song every month. And why not do it on a Podcast? So this is what you can expect from the Songwriting Idiots Podcast: A new genre and new song topic will be revealed every month and both Dan and Ralf will do their best to turn that into an awesome tune! They will settle for “OK” any day though.

And you know what’s the best part? YOU will be in charge of choosing both the genres and the topics! There are polls up every month so you get to decide how hard it will be for us. Please be nice.

Cover art by Nicole Salomon

We are starting this whole thing on a high note! Take a listen to episode No. 1 where we tackle 1990s Skate and Pop Punk! And of course: We reveal the genre and topic for next month’s episode.

If you are a songwriter, a music geek ... or just like to watch people fail ...

we think you'll love this podcast

Find out if we’re right!