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about us

The Songwriting Idiots are Dan and Ralf. We try and write songs, and we certainly qualify as idiots. During the Coronavirus lockdown of Spring 2020, we hatched a plan to go on a musical adventure whilst also dipping our toes in the scary world of music production and recording. Our mission is to take a different, obscure musical genre every month and attempt to write and record a song in that musical genre for your listening pleasure. We then premiere our songs on air to the other idiot and discuss whatever mess comes out. We are sometimes nice to each other. We are not professional songwriters or music producers in any way, and we hope to share our successes and failures with you along the way.

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Songwriting Idiot Dan

Idiot one


  • Nationality: British
  • Home Town: Poole, Dorset
  • Currently lives in: Vienna, Austria
  • Born: 1988
  • Favorite instrument: acoustic guitar
  • Motto: “There is beauty in simplicity”
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Songwriting Idiot Ralf

Idiot two


  • Nationality: Austrian
  • Home Town: Villach, Austria
  • Currently lives in: Munich, Germany
  • Born: 1988
  • Favorite instrument: His trusty old Fender Telecaster
  • Motto: “Don’t work unless you absolutely have to”
  • Email me!
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